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Power Quality & Power Failure Solutions

Power Quality & Power Failure Solutions

Savings Through Power Quality
We offer comprehensive electrical measurement and evaluation of your facility’s Distribution system:

  • We review your facility’s electrical layout.
  • We perform thorough electrical measurements & testing of your facility’s distribution parameters using state-of-the-art power analyzer or equivalent.
  • We model your load profile, incorporating your past twelve – month electric bills.
  • Our team of engineers, with the aid of the latest software developed, will analyze your data and information and prepare a comprehensive report / proposal for your review & evaluation.
  • Our report / proposal will identify your facility’s existing inefficiencies / problems and offer specific solutions along with the associated project costs, annual savings, R.O.I., and the guaranteed pay-back periods.

Power Failure Solutions
Critical applications like hospitals, banks, hotels, IT Installations, Call Centers, continues industries require quick changeover to back up supply if the normal supply fails. upply fails.

  • Design of Auto Changeover Schemes.
  • Supply of ATS with adaptation to existing system.